Marie-Gabrielle Rotie

Voices and Silences: Pamplona

Agape Lodge (Institute of Rot)

Crypt 1 and 2

Costume Design Collaborations

Glass Body and Don Juan Who:

Director: Anna Furse

Sir Peter Hall and Royal National Theatre (Bacchai) and work with Greg Hicks.


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Other Dance/performance work

I met Ian Pons Jewell when he was a truly struggling artist, living in a disused bank in London. I did all these videos for often no pay, and we would joke that when he got to 'Hollywood' he would pay me back. Now Ian is described in the press as 'King of Commercials and Pop Videos' and I am really pleased I was able in some small way to contribute to his wacky and totally awesome artistic vision.

I met professional photographer John Hicks quite by chance whilst on holiday in Lanzarote. He heard I was a dancer, and so we just made this film. I only had a H&M dress with me suitable, but somehow it worked. The volcanic rocks were truly painful to dance on! John has an incredible record of work in commercial fashion photography and then transitioned into more artistic projects.