Marie-Gabrielle Rotie

Parys Mountain: Alchemy of Landscape 1994- ongoing

Parys Mountain is an ongoing  research and development project funded by Arts Council of Wales and currently still in process for production.


Parys Mountain is directed and conceived by Nick Parkin in collaboration with Marie-Gabrielle Rotie and embraces sound, photographs, film and site based work. The work explores entropy, post-industrial wastelands and dystopia. We are working closely with the unqiue history, geology and archaelogy of this site.



All images copyright Nick Parkin and Marie-Gabrielle Rotie 2011 to 2020.  All rights reserved.



In Sutherland's Footsteps (20018 -ongoing)

A site-specific and map based work that draws upon my childhood memories of seeing Graham Sutherland's works, and the impact of the Pembrokeshire landscape upon his paintings. I literally and metaphorically map out the locations of his works and make physical and sonic responses, recorded on film and photographs.


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