Marie-Gabrielle Rotie

I spent my childhood living in the remote landscapes of Unst on the Shetland Islands and then Pembrokeshire in West Wales. The memories of trees bent crooked by the wind, dark and brooding open skies, stark and minimal landscapes moulded by intense light, puncuated by strange shaped rocks and lichen clothed walls, subliminally, and then consciously, informed the development of much of my aesthetic language.


As a child I always wanted to do ballet, but there was no provision in my town, so I obsessively painted instead.  I came to dance at the very 'old' age of Twenty and it was the discovery of alternative physical and vocal training such as Butoh, Roy Hart Theatre and Somatic Dance that led me on a journey into the body and finally into choreography.  


After living in London for Thirty years I felt the pull back to the earth, moved to a Cambridgeshire village with no electric street lights, and have now spent the last five years turning one acre of field into a garden. I consider this a form of dance, and like dance, it is ephermeral, with plants blooming and decaying, much as the life cycle of a performance.. the only trace being the fragrance and memory.                  




Marie-Gabrielle's  company works have been extensively supported and funded by Arts Council of England, British Council, The Place Theatre and Trinity Laban amongst many others.  Since 2005 she has created six commissioned works with Trinity Laban, and since 2001 she has staged eight productions at The Place Theatre including for The Place Prize. Other UK venues that have supported her work include The Royal Opera House, Exeter Phoenix and Nuffield Theatre in Lancaster. She was Choreographer for The Bacchai Sir Peter Hall, Royal National Theatre. Bacchai  2002 Premiered at Olivier stage, Royal National Theatre and toured to Epidavros in Greece 2002.


Rotie has worked closely as a choreographer and costume design consultant with the London College of Fashion and has staged five productions at venues including The Raphael Room at the Victoria and Albert Museum, Sadler's Wells and The Royal Academy. International touring includes to festivals in Romania, Switzerland, Germany, Slovenia, Croatia, Italy, Japan and many other countries.


Rotie is an internationally recognized Butoh exponent (she trained in Japan and Europe with Ko Murobushi, Masaki Iwana, Carlotta Ikeda, Kim Itoh, Motofuji-san, Yoshito and Kazuo Ohno, Atsushi Takenouchi, Oguri, Yumiko Yoshioka, Tadashi Endo and many others)  and has collaboratedy on duet performances with Ko Murobushi and Atsushi Takenouchi. However, she developed her own aesthetic world and language, building from this training.


She has worked as an actress/dancer/perforrmer for Director Anna Furse

and Don Juan  in collaboration with  Mladinsko Theatre, Slovenia.

She has worked as a Dancer Performer for Athina Vahla, Darren Johnston (Outre) Lundhal and Seitl (Symphony for a Missing Room).


Rotie is associate lecturer at Goldsmiths, and is a regular visiting tutor to Central School of Speech and Drama, Laban and numerous other UK universities, teaching Actors, Dancers, Directors, Visual Artists and Costume Designers.


She has lectured widely in University, and Adult Education on Land Art, Woman Artist and the Body, Performance Art, Japanese Art and Aesthetics, Mythology, Folklore and Earth Mysteries and the Feminine in Fairytales. Many of these research strands have conceptually informed her works over the past twenty years.