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Mujokan 2021 

Marie-Gabrielle Rotie was commissioned by Kew Gardens to create a promenade performance through the Temperate House, taking inspiration from the surrounding plants and from the enormous hanging sculpture by internationally celebrated artist  Chiharu Shiota. The research draws upon notions of post-human ecological entanglements and 'becoming plant. 

Butoh-informed dancers and live artists, under the artistic direction of Marie-Gabrielle Rotie performed a series of vignettes.​ They embodied the flower in its stages of blooming, fragrance and decay, to underscore the transience of all existence.​ The work builds upon Rotie's current work investigating gardens, transience, decay and performance, informed by reserach into Japanese aesthetics. 

Invited solo dancers:

Eeva Maria Mutka, Yumino Seki ,Yuka Negoro, Yuliya Krylova, Hollie Miller, Athina Vahla, Marie-Gabrielle Rotie 

Composed and Live sound by Nick Parkin

Costumes by Yuliya Krylova

 Photography by Keiko Ikeuchi

rotie by keiko ikeuchi.jpg
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