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Prospect House Garden: embracing the ephermeral 

This is an archive in progress of images  created  in collaboration with photographer Keiko Ikeuchi, of Prospect House Garden that Marie-Gabrielle Rotie designed, built and planted over a seven year period from 2014 to 2022.  

There is an accompanying book and text in progress. 

The garden became a vehicle for embodied research into both the human and non-human.

The garden became an act of labour, a ritual, a dream-space, a refuge, a memorial for loss, fragility, ageing and death as well as a celebration and acceptance of life as always in transience. 

The process of  creating the garden was an enactment of the  mythical labours that revealed hidden archetypes entwined with seasonal cycles of bloom and decay. This photo project draws upon research into Japanese Aesthetics, Butoh and the wider call to ecological awareness.


Prospect House was named in homage to Prospect Cottage by Derek Jarman, a garden that in so many ways memorialised loss and mortality. 

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