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Commissioned by Trinity Laban and the again by Esplanade Theatre in Singapore and SITI theatre, Lasalle College of the Arts in Singapore and City of London Festival 2015


The title of this work is a poem by Basho. Structurally, the work is a simple and slow walk forward and over the duration of 20 minutes the dancers work with individual scores that create ripples of impulses and movement across the 'pond' of the space. Simultaneously three dancers collapse slowly to the ground, in a process of slow dissolution. The ensemble is counter-pointed by one lone male dancer who takes a slow reverse journey upstage. The work was hugely well received and has been re-performed for different casts internationally. The choreographic score takes the minimalism of the Judson School and combines it with the internal intensity of Butoh and also Rotie's unique visual and choreographic aesthetic. My main research question was how to allow each dancer their own structure and textual improvisational score, and yet create cohesion and connectivity across the ensemble and the space. 

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