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Angel animal 1999

Choreography, performance, Light and Costume:

Marie-Gabrielle Rotie

Original Sound and Assistant Direction: Nick Parkin

Mentored by Kate Flatt.


Toured to the  Butoh Mamu Festival in Germany 1999 invited by Tadashi Endo and also showed at Mosaics for Sadler’s Wells and for British Association of Choreographers.


Suspended between above and below – a journey from spirit to flesh. This solo was the first of 3 solos to explore transformation between human and animal and to research the meeting of movement and experimental voice.


Conceptually, I was inspired by Luce Irigaray's essay 'Divine Women' in Sexes and Genealogies' and I was researching a physical approach to questions around transcendence and immanence.


This piece questioned the assumed hierarch and seperation of flesh and spirit.. this results in fragmentation... a wounded animal.

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