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This work in progress comprises of films, photographic and web based work that looks at  Sutherlands paintings and the locations he painted at in Pembrokeshire.  Embodied danced responses are made at these specific sites and documented along with the map reference and a text, underscoring Sutherlands Ecological relevance to this century, with his attention to the micro world and the entalgement of human, nature and machines. One of the motivations of the project is to reappraise the intensity and relevance of  his work in the light of eco critical thinking. 

I also grew up very close to the shoreline where he painted and in fact his work was the first proper modern art that I saw aged 9, when our entire Junior School went to the opening of his new decicated gallery at Picton Castle. Uncannily, his wife Kathleen spoke to me as I looked at one painting, and when I turned around Sutherland was standing in the distant doorway. I am haunted by Sutherland and even more so when I discovered that he trained at Goldsmiths University in the 1920's, a university I have taught in since 2001. I can feel his trace and ghost in that building and part of my work will be to bring the landscape that he loved so much back into that building through installation interventions. 

Indicative work in progress film footage below: currently not treated for sound. 

Performers: Angelina Kornecka and Mitch Birne. 

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