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 Eco-Fashion show meets Butoh dance Performance. 

The research-based eco-fashion collection, created over the lockdown period by the artist Yuliya V Krylova with Choreography and Direction by Marie-Gabrielle Rotie, was presented as a dance piece during London Fashion Week at the Art in the Docks. The space is a community engagement venue in the heart of new developments in Newham, Docklands and seeks to foster new audiences and community participation for the arts. 

“art in the docks has changed our community life completely, creating a hub to meet your neighbours and make new friends” (local resident of Royal Albert Wharf)

Marie-Gabrielle choreographed and directed the cast of community and professional dancers and drew upon her significant research into movement practice within costume as performance. she drew upon ideas and philosophy from Butoh and Japanese Aesthetics as well as discourses around ecological theatre practices and site-based work. 

It is not the usual fashion catwalk, it is a dance that becomes life to the epic sounds  by composer Nick Parkin and against the backdrop of Set design artworks by Baroque Anarchist.

The garments and accessories of the collection are all made from recycled materials, objects which are usually discarded after use, but now the lives of these materials are extended in new, creative and fashionable ways. The hessian sacks refer to the commerce and trading in the docklands and critique the idea of the body as commodity. The collection of garments in the show is part of the first eco-collection released under the brand name “Yu”.

The Cycle’ dance performance explores metamorphosis within ever-recurring cycles of birth, death and transformation. 

Dancers in “The Cycle” come from all walks of life and include professionals and amateurs as well as people who never danced before. 

Further information on Yuliya Krylova 

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