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Butoh and the Art of Transformation:Scenography 

Butoh and the Art of Transformation: Scenography 1: costume 


February 2024, 

Transformation is intrinsic to Butoh dance and opens questions around sentience, the life of things, the fluidity of self and other. How does the butoh dancer work with costume and how does this open the relation to space/time? Participants are invited to bring their costume world into the space and encounter transformations. Butoh as a rich legacy of engaging with costume, from the bizarre assemblages of Dairakudakan, to the ethereal beauty of Sankai Juku.  

Butoh and the Art of Transformation: Scenography 2: body and object 


March 2024 

Working with an object changes the relation to space/time. Whether it’s a flower, a balloon, a piece of paper, a stone, or any other material, then the body and the space are imbued and resonate with the qualities of the object. How might we become the object, or how might we resonate with the object? How will this then inform our dance? What stories or images emerge? What transformations unfold? 



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