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Marie-Gabrielle has worked extensively as a collaborative performer, dancer, actress for a number of Directors, filmmakers and photographers, contributing her expertise and unique choreographic and performance presence to various  selected works as listed below. these are not all the works, and are a selection of my favourites from over the years! 

Touring Venues include Mlandinsko Theatre in Slovenia, Shunt  Vaults in London, Chelsea and Westminster Hospital, Riverside Studios London, Battersea Arts Centre, Royal Festival Hall, University of Colchester etc. 

Director: Anna Furse

Actor/Performer for: 

Glass Body: Reflections on becoming Transparent

Rotie’s silent and enigmatic performance presence is beautifully played; the interplay of screen images (flying birds, babes-in-the-womb, X-rayed limbs, playing children) and live actions (the laying out of a set of child’s clothes, the pulling of a string of DNA-like beads from the mouth, the ritual washing and cleansing) are lovely images that work in harmony 

Director: Anna Furse and Mlandansko Theatre 

Actor/Performer for: 

Don Juan Who? 

Athina Vahla 

Dance collaborator for: 


Wrestling an Angel 

Royal Festival Hall Commission 

Darren Johnston/Array 

Dance Performer for


John Hicks/Photo and film collaboration 


'O' - visual art/live art collaboration with Artist Tabatha Andrews. 

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