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Created in collaboration with Tamas Mesmer in 2021, this movement direction and solo performance was for the offical video for Come Kali Come by Lebanon Hanover. 

Come Kali Come · Lebanon Hanover Sci-Fi Sky ℗ 2020 Fabrika Records Released on: 2020-10-20

Photography Copyright: Tamas Mesmer and Performer Marie-Gabrielle Rotie. 2021


The material was filmed in 'West Wratting' woods near Rotie's home in  Cambridgeshire and also at Dungeness beach in Kent. 
Tamas Mesmer then worked with special effects to create a post-punk, Sci-Fi asethetic that is couterpointed by the conjuring of mythical figures evoked in Rotie's movement. She drew upon her long interest in feminine archetypes to embody both the 'Great Mother', the 'Dark Feminine' and the Maiden. Images of birth are intercut with images of a figure who acts as conjurer and seer.  Rotie once again takes on a Bird Archetype, this time the Crow-Woman to evoke images of death and resurrection. The lyrics led the movement ideas but Rotie avoided a literal transcription of the text, rather aiming to evoke poetic embodiments of the images evoked by the lyrics and sound. As of March 2024 the video reviews are highly postive.


The audience viewing figures are around  500, 000 on the official video link. 


''The video, directed by Tamas Mesmer and featuring mesmerizing British dancer Marie-Gabrielle Rotie, depicts a figure in various landscapes, rising from Mother Earth and opening channels of energy. A mysterious floating vision appears in the sky. Despite two completely different landscapes – one Earthly, one seemingly extraterrestrial, the dance is identical, the connection undeniable. Kali is the ultimate protector of her children, and these sacred dances evoke the need for her intervention. Part David Lynch, part Marina Abramovic, part Kate Bush, this vision of Kali’s incarnation brings chills and awe…it is a marvelous work of performance art, dance, and musical collaboration.''

Collated Viewer comments. 

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