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Marie-Gabrielle Rotie

Costume and Performance

From 2007 to 2011 I was commissioned as a  Choreographer/Director and Costume Consultant to work with the London College of Fashion MA Costume Design for Performance. I staged 6 shows in Theatre and Site-Specific locations working closely with the Course Directors and LCF creative design teams.


I was able to draw upon my extensive knoweldge of Art History, Design and conceptual thinking, as well as my choreographic specialisms to deliver some really memorable showcases.  


Each Costume Design student initiated and led the design concept and my work entailed extracting the concept into a performance solo vignette and ensuring the full performativity of the costume.


2007 Royal Academy Burlington House

2008 Raphael Gallery at Victoria and Albert Museum

2009 Lyllian Bayliss Theatre at Sadlers Wells

2010 Lyllian Bayliss theatre at Sadlers Wells

2010 Cochrane Theatre (BA show)

2011 Victoria House Basement, Holborn.





Photos: Alex Treylan/Rachel Cherry


Royal Academy 2007 and Victoria and Albert Museum (Raphael Room) 2008

Sadlers Wells 2009

Sadlers Wells 2010

Revolutions in Costume 


Producer Donatella Barbieri

Lighting Design: Lightmap

Make-Up Susanna Peretz

Sound: Hannah Marshall


Non Existent Knight

Designer: Giulia pecorari

performer: megan Saunders


Peer Gynt

Designer: Synnove Balabanian

Performer: Andre amalio



Designer: Vasiliki Giannoula

Performer: Daniel Rejano


Great Expectations

Designer: Panagiotis Lamprianidis

Performer: Eve Pearce

The Human Zoo Cochrane Theatre 2010

Concept choreography and Direction

Marie-Gabrielle Rotie

Sound: Nick Parkin

Lighting Mark Parry

Film direction Ian Pons Jewell


Producer and course director for LCF

Jessica Bugg


The team for this show was enormous and comprised 26 performers and over 100 student makers across 3 departments so please do forgive the lack of listing here.. it would need its own website!  i am working ona PDF thought so watch this space.

Victoria House Basement, Holborn 2011

'New Worn Identities' Part One


The Other Selves

Costume Design Yuliya Krylova

Performer Florencia Guerberof



costume Designer Sandra Arroniz Lacunza

Performer Sally E. Dean


You are her, Him or both

Costume Designer Lili Zeng

Performer Colin McLean

Folded MemoryScape

costume designer Emily Ni Bhrion

Performer Lachlan Blackley


All Sound: Nick Parkin

Producer: Agnes Treplin

Photos: Alex Treylan

Lighitng: Howard Hudson

Make-up: Amy Whittaker

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