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Darkness cycle 2007

Concept and Choreography Marie-Gabrielle Rotie

Original Sound Nick Parkin Costume: Laban Costume


Inspired by the popular vampire Anne Rice novels and continued research into the figure of Nosferatu in silent movies and also Japanese Manga horror comics.


Commissioned by Laban 2007performed by 18 BA Dance Students premiered Laban and toured UK venues.

Performance at The Place Theatre  February 2008 .


I decided you needed to be a vamp-fan, which unfortunately I am not. So I sat back and tried to enjoy the clawed hands, possessed looks, evil cackles and smeared blood. For the group of young women in front of me, the performers reaching between the legs and gesturing as though licking their own juices was just too much, and there were gasps, squeals and turning away in disgust. The show was stolen by the talented acting abilities of the little evil one whose giggling, whispering, squeaking interludes provoked irresistible laughter in the audience.


(Darkness Cycle 2 The Place Theatre February 2009  review by Ballet Magazine)

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