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Fluid Edges 1993

Commissioned by Riverside Studios.

Site based performance July 8th 1993 


Created and performed by:

Marie-Gabrielle Rotie and Yanna Papaioannou.

Lighting Colin Finlay/riverside Studios

Music: Test Department ' The Fall for Grace' and Lights in a Fat City.


Fluid edges took place in the vast St Pauls Church in Hammersmith. A large black box was suspended above the centre of the space which was  then opened to flood the space with blue pigment and feathers.

'Fluid Edges grew out of our experiences of Falling: faliing in the pain of a loss and the passing of time, falling in and out of love, fallen women in exile from a centre'


‘The mirror blocks our energies, freezes us in our tracks, clips our wings’ (Irigaray)


‘ what my lips were keeping is put into motion, into action, edges which touch each other, communicate with each other, without privileging one or the other’ (Irigaray)

programme notes:



Falling Sky/

Ashes of Blue

Foetus Bird on an Edge


rough Edges


Oracle of the Willow


 If the feet touched the sky

In a miracle of dreaming and becoming ones own'



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