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Solo Choreography, Performance and Film: Marie-Gabrielle Rotie

Original Sound/Assistant Direction: Nick Parkin

Lighting Design: Helen Cain 


Rotie spins and sways inside an imaginary forest of gravity, her body pushed and pulled by invisible forces. She transforms between fairytale characters- old woman, child, bird – and builds a nest on a chair, to explore themes of flight. A huge film projection of a feather burning in a candle frames this dark and unusual fusion of film, movement and vocal work.


Funded by Japan 2001, Diva Pictures and University of Bath with performances at The Place Theatre, Wandsworth Dance Festival at Battersea Arts Centre, Crosscurrents at Jackson’s Lane, University of North London, Hoxton Hall, Cheshire Dance.

Press Quotes


The ghost of Mary Wigman haunts in the shadows

 Carole Kew for  2002


An eloquent exploration of momentum, suspension and gravity .. both painful and disturbing to watch but compelling in its madness 


The Place Theatre on-line Review 2002

Photos: Brian Slater 

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