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Geomorphic Resonance 

2000 Portland Quarry, Dorset, funded by London Arts and Portland Quarry Sculpture Trust 

presented with composer Nick Parkin.

Performed at Portland Quarry and also Stag Place Victoria, London.

this project continues Parkin's long term engagement with stone in site-based contexts and fasciations with geology, geomorphology and strata. At the heart of this inquiry, which manifests in sound, sculptures, site-based performance and digital media, is the need to return the human consciousness to a sense of time and place which vastly exceeds our own species and individual span, and to raise awareness of our need for an ecological and 'more-than-human' world. 

"If you could keep going deeper, you'd finally not be a'd be a blade of grass or ultimately perhaps a stone. And if a stone could speak, poetry would be its words."

Galway Kinnell

This work is a precursor to Parys Mountain: alchemy of Landscape and the ideas are also manifested in Parkin's CD electro-acoustic release: Geomorphic Resonance 1998, Entropolis 1999. Magmas 2001. 

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