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Solo Improvisation Performance: Marie-Gabrielle Rotie/ 23 minutes

Original Sound: Nick Parkin

Costume: Anne Fortin

Lighting: Marie-Gabrielle Rotie

Assistant Mentoring and Direction: Ko Murobushi and Nick Parkin


Mutability was Commissioned by Welsh Independent Dance 2003 and is a structured improvisation exploring themes of transformation, confinement and freedom. Marie-Gabrielle Rotie’s inimitable style brings together highly detailed, sculpted passages of movement with a surrender to vocal emissions and the impulses and energies of the moment.


Past Touring Dates



Premiered Chapter Arts Centre Cardiff Sept 12th and 13th

Jackson’s Lane London  October 30th,

London Metropolitan Univ. October 17th.



Goldsmiths, UCL London, Jan 28th,

Westminster Studio Theatre London, February 11th.

Chichester University. England, March 2nd

 Play box Theatre Warwick England, April 5th

The Place Theatre London, May 19th

Taking Risks, Swindon Dance England, November 13th.



Laban Theatre in London – March 17th

International Fabrica in Florence/Italy - May 12-15

Royal Opera House/Clore July 1st and 2nd

Almaida dance festival, Portugal/ November

Crewe and Alsager arts centre

Short formats festival Milan

2006 Die Pratze Theatre  in Tokyo Japan

Press Reviews


'and Nick Parkin's original soundscape for Marie-Gabrielle Rotie's intense solo Mutability was similarly integral. The sounds included the dancer's own whispered noises, often like stifled screams, as part of a remarkable display of control and internalised emotion.'


'Dance Bytes, Sep 19 2003,Chapter, Cardiff,David Adams, The Western Mail



.'Marie-Gabrielle Rotie’s Mutability also looks pretty well as if it knows where it’s going – a stark solo to the accompaniment of a striking soundscape from Nick Parkin. She starts with her hand held over her face as a kind of distorting mask and the short dance is intense and accomplished – she emerges as probably the most assured of 'Welsh Independent Dance' dancers presenting in this Dance Bytes.'

(David Adams, preview for The Western Mail, 2003)


‘Rotie mutates into various animalistic forms in a solo journey- she cranes her neck, pokes at the space, as if hatching out of an egg, feeling her way through life. In a costume that is like a second skin or some sort of cocoon and with sparse lighting, the piece has a purpose, a focus and simplicity that is very engaging’.

(Dance Europe 2004)


 intense and accomplished  Western Mail  2003

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