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Telescore: Welsh Sessil Oak

A collaboration with Sankai Juku - Norihito Ishii and Marie-Gabrielle Rotie and artist Iyamari. 


"Telescore Project" is a world-wide collaborative art project started in the spring of 2016 by Japanese contemporary artist Iyamari. Its main objective is to document and show the similarities of existence of humans and trees everywhere on the planet, by bringing together performers from all corners of the world to represent their culture and tree significant to their native land, and presenting the viewers with a collection of performance events showing the similarities and uniqueness of each area.

For the first time in the UK and Europe, Iyamari brings the performance aspect of her 'Telescore Project' to the audience in Great Britain's capital. Come and experience the interspecies interactions of humans and trees through nature in this one and a half hour long performance!

From the artist's words: "Trees and humans have been sharing the environment for a long time. There are symbolic trees in almost every area in every land, additionally there are particular cultural traditions which have flourished around the use of these trees. This shows us how human cultures are affected by land and environment. Our project tries to bring them together and present the ‘relationship of the tree and human' through performance, music and art videos."

The event, preceded by the first Telescore video production, is split into four parts: Japanese Cedar, Welsh Sessile Oak, English Yew, Scottish Scots Pine. The performers featured in the performance are of the cultural background related to the tree's area of origin. 

The opening film, “Telescore Japan - Sakura”, and the four performers' dance acts are each scored with a soundtrack created using the respective area's theme tree. The performances draw inspiration from the soundtrack, local culture, and the tree itself.

Marie-Gabrielle danced in relation to a Welsh Sessil  Oak drawing upon her cultural roots in Wales.

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