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The Collector (2003/4)

Choreography and Direction and Film Marie-Gabrielle Rotie

Performance Yael Karavan, Linda Remahl and Marie-Gabrielle Rotie

Original Sound /Assistant Direction Nick Parkin

Lighitng Karen Norris

Costume Anne Fortin and Lindsay John

Outside Eye: Rob Tannion (DV8)


Three women characters – child, prostitute and hysteric-  all aspects of one another, always isolated in space, but connected through action.

This work was inspired by the novel The Collector by John Fowles , Freud's studies into Hysteria.  and film images of butterflies fused with the faces of murdered women and children to evoke the violence that surrounds us but also emanates from within.


 Funded by Arts Council London, Dancebase in Edinburgh, Jerwood Space, Dance-ez International.

 2003/4  Premiered at Butoh: Dancing on the Borderline Festival in London with performances at Chichester University Theatre, Play Box Theatre in  Warwick and  The Place Theatre London.

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