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Movement Choreography: Marie-Gabrielle Rotie 

Assistant Movement: Stephen Moynihan

The research for this series built upon my knowledge of pagan dances and in particular for the Maypole Dance in an earlier episode featuring the character Ciri. I also worked on other episodes in this series giving movement direction to Henry Cavill, Anya Chalotra, Freya Allen and also the main musician groupings for Valdo Marx.


However Episode 5, ''The Art of Illusion,”was the most intensive, and took over one week to film in the hottest week of the year. I am indebted to the pre-filming period with assistance from the  rehearsal dancers and Stephen for his meticulous counting and body memory,  to pull the choreography for this huge invented dance-ballroom scene together in less than two days. I would also like to thank Libby Purves for teaching me the basic Rennaisance Quadrille formations from which I then radically departed, to create this imaginary and magical dance that had to conjure the intrigue, machinations, desires and allegiances of the varies Mages.  

For Cast: 

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