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Artefact 1 Denmark  
Artefact 2 Falmouth 
Artefact 3 Palermo 
Artefact 4 Palermo
Artefact 5 Oxford (Ashmoleum)

An ongoing collection of works that arise from movement choreography, live art performances, sound, actions and images inspired by museum objects, cultural artefacts and taking place in dialogue with museum collections or site-based locations nationally and internationally. The research evolves a language of movement that investigates the relation between body/sculpture and body/object.  


Artefact 1 Denmark 
see Tollund Man 







Artefact 2 

Body as Artefact and The Sculptures of Touch and Time:



June/July 2013

Commissioned by The Performance Centre, Penryn Campus, University of Falmouth at part of Live Act Festival.


Choreography and Direction, Marie-Gabrielle Rotie. This inter-departmental commission embraces students and staff selected from the departments of fashion, dance and theatre. The work researches the body as an artefact: shaped and sculpted by human intervention and touch. 

Collaborative research and development project with Nick Parkin and local Palermo residents.


Supported by and presented at Spazio Perriera, Cantieri Culturali alla Zisa, Palermo. curated by Andreas Cusumano.

Rotie and Parkin their research into manifestation of decay, time and death in the surfaces and residues of the city of Palermo. Walls, buildings, objects, and their meeting place with the body, become signs towards our understanding of Death and mortality. We will also draw upon research into the local Capuchin Catacombs. 


Our research presentation manifested  as visual and performance installation, drawing upon photography, projected image, field recordings and performance fragments. 

Artefact 4 2016

The Spaces Between: site-specific workshop in Palermo, in collaboration with Nick Parkin.


 Hosted by Piccolo Teatro Patafisico, as part of Minimo Festival, March 17th to 22nd, workshop took place in an abandoned psychiatric hospital with local performers of various ages, and from varied backgrounds. 

Artefact 3 2013
The Walls of Palermo
Artefact 5 2021 


Tokyo Remix Ashmolean Museum Oxford 

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